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Apeoh intuitive art readings and sessions intrinsic expression healing

Apeoh Readings

Occasionaly, I take on readings. You are always welcome to write a request by sending an email or submitting the contact form (tell me someting about yourself too). Apeoh readings are messages in the form of artwork. They offer a gentle nudge to fall into place and usually boast other qualities that are meaningful and relevant to you.

The sessions are available throughout the year, depending on my availability and whereabouts. I currently work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and I am a certified Life Coach (since 2011). My experience is broad and includes doing tarot readings, dreamwork, intrinsic expression sessions, life coaching, brand identity coaching for company owners, and.. owning a mystical chocolate shop!

Reading: Meeting Your Spirits

The most elaborate 'artful' reading is where we meet in person and immerse ourselves in an intrinsic session. We have an informal talk, move, vocalize. After this exchange we'll go our own way. I will take approximately a week to channel your Spirit, which you'll then receive in print. Contact me here. Price on request. Duration: 2h30min session and my own work after.


Reading: Message of Healing

Apeoh Spirits often reveal themselves as shapes - light language if you will. One of my muses said that 'just watching the image is healing to me'. Another person said it empowered her to set up a business. What I need from you is an email and a recent picture. You'll receive your artwork in print. How long it takes depends on the waiting list. Contact me here. Price on request.


Reading/Session: Dream Body Map

For this session we'll get in touch online to exchange energy and talk about your reason to visit. I'll then draw your Dream Body Map, which depicts your energy body as I perceive it. This session is insightful and a healing experience. While I am drawing, people usually sense what happens for them. Dream Body Mapping is intended to balance out and ease the distribution of your body's energy flow. The drawings are not meant as artwork. Contact me here. Price on request.


Session: Intrinsic Expression Session

In this intense and profound session, the expression is you. We explore your field of consciousness and perception and do this by vocalizing, moving and a bit of writing. The key is to find your raw expression and from there get to know yourself on a deeper level. Intrinsic Expression is a mirror and a channel, rather than a way to release, although it often is the first phase. You are welcome to bring in a theme or question, or to go in 'blanc'. Contact me here. Price € 275,00 (2h30min) for a single session. A 3 fold session over the course of 1 month: €795,00

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