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A Spirit Oracle


Our free online Apeoh Oracle was carefully designed to offer guidance on your life's journey.  I sincerely wish it offers you insights,  clarity and a sense of wonder.

The three Apeoh images below were intuitively hand painted. Each edit reveals a unique aspect of the Spirit and has an accompanying message. This oracle is intended to be a doorway to your own intuition. It's written and created for everyone and applicable to every question. 

You may want to prepare and attune to the sacred moment you are about to step into. For example, try closing the door and tucking away your phone, grab a pen and a piece of paper and invite your intuition to the table. Whether to you it's a voice, a nudge, a spark, a thought, a movement; this is what we're here for.

So, dear reader, allow me to introduce you to the oracle. Or, go to the images/cards directly.

Although the messages provide insights and direction, I know there's an even more potent way to retrieve true gems from the Apeoh Spirit Oracle. It's through You. This means that your intuition, your words and thoughts, are vital to the experience. I would encourage you to write down your own perceived message first, and then place it within the grand theme of the Spirit.

In order of appearance, these are the steps we take to prepare for a reading:

1. Pause, relax, wind down. However you like, for as long as you want. You may close your eyes and Await (I love that word). Take your time. At some point you will know what you're really here for and what your actual question is. Write it down.

2. Open your eyes and perceive the images below. Breathe with them. Don't click on them yet.

3. Close your eyes again and notice which of the images speaks to you the most. 'The One' has usually settled in your mind's eye already. Or, you just feel it. It doesn't matter how.

4. Open your eyes and grab a pen and paper and start writing down whatever comes up. Do this for 5 minutes straight and don't take your pen off the paper. Set your alarm clock if you want. Allow the raw words to form and preferably don't edit what you've written.

5. Read and let it sink in.
6. Click on the image to reveal the message.

7. Proceed as you wish, but it helps to place your own words in the context of the message.



The Oracle ~ Free Version

Each message is centered around an aspect of this Spirit's quality. To keep the oracle interesting, we'll make sure to refresh it regularly. Have a pen and piece of paper ready, so you can jot down significant thoughts and insights. To reveal a message, click on the image.

The Apeoh Spirit Oracle can be used for all types of questions. Such as:

  • Career & Work; work related questions often deal with deeper themes such as purpose, maturity and mission. You have opportunities for growth here that reach far beyond what you do for a living.

  • Relationships; questions on this subject may deal with all types and levels of relevant relationships and how to navigate them. They expose your imbalance, fears and tendencies with people. Often through relationships, we rise above and beyond limitations.

  • Purpose & Spiritual Growth; these themes connect to "Being and Becoming" and are often pathway-oriented and matters of the soul. Big themes that luckily can be explored by taking small steps (and occasionally big leaps).

When forming your question(s), include "how". You may also want to extend your question in ways that help you interpret the message more clearly. For instance; "How do I know whether to choose a different career' can be extended by "this message will tell me where to look for insights" or, "this message will reveal which undercurrents are at play". In my experience extensions like these will help you understand and place the message better. Now enjoy the oracle and do share your experiences.

Below you will meet The Spirit of Veden ~ its grand theme is Being Part of it All|

Click on an image to reveal the message

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