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About Apeoh


Apeoh is an acronym for A Poetic Exploration of Healing. It gently suggests that Healing is a place. Perhaps it's also fantasy or a different dimension or a memory that exists within, yet while you are here, picture it as an actual location. As if you can 'take a left turn at the old house and follow the unpaved road to Healing'.

One pretty afternoon in Amsterdam I came across an enchanting hidden path to Healing and it inspired me to draw and paint. The same way I've been inspired to sing and dance in the years prior. So, as a curious traveler would, I've been exploring this form of expression ever since. The images and messages of the Spirits of Apeoh literally flooded in, and I hope you find guidance and inspiration in them just as I and the people before you have. 


May the Spirits of Apeoh be there for you on your journey of self discovery and realisation.
May you get up close and personal with them - on your terms - and let their waves of goodness wash over you.

We've made a
free oracle and you will be able to order prints of the artwork soon. For my fellow travelers I've created immersive Readings and Sessions that will become available in July 2023.

Free online oracle intuitive art spirit starseed

About Artist & Art


For as long as I remember I've found Healing through intrinsic expression. Over the last 10 years or so, I've been focusing on getting in tune with the initial sparks of inspiration - whether it is a sound, movement or an idea - and to stay true to it. When I'm at my clearest, I experience a form of precision and wonder - most of the time they surprise me. Apeoh is happening because of this practice and I feel happy to share!

Drawing starts when spirits come find me, that's how it feels. It's all very gentle and focused and not spooky at all. The first images threw me into an enthusiastic rave and I felt like a young child wanting to share her drawings with mom and dad. So that's what I did :). I shared them with mom, dad and some friends and I opened myself up to their responses. I think this is when the Spirits began revealing messages for others. I noticed how deep they go; no words and straight to the soul. It's wonderful work and I still do these artful readings on request, occasionaly. This is no trick to make it seem very exclusive, it's simply not always there You are most welcome to inquire about a reading or session through as I'm currently working on the info.

The artwork itself is honest, raw and unpolished. I draw or paint on paper and then I edit each image digitally to reveal aspects of a spirit. Often the same spirit shows up in various forms (colours, details) that each have their own stories to tell. My intention is to let this happen and step out of the way. If anything, I aim to show them as they are, without making them prettier. Whether these images are healing to you is unkown to me. I hope you will find out in the best way possible.

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