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Intuitive painting by Apeoh is always layered.
This Apeoh Spirit was intuitively painted and you can learn this too

Welcome to Apeoh

A Poetic Exploration of Healing

Apeoh Spirit Oracle

A Spirit Oracle

Life offers moments of growth and opportunities to dive deep and find clarity. Twentythree years of experience led me to creating a free online oracle. Open this page to reflect on your questions and share your ponderings with Apeoh Spirits.

Gallery to Apeoh prints Coming Soon

Intuitive Art

One day, an Apeoh Spirit literally pushed me out of the house and into an art supplies store. Then I started somewhere. Each piece you find here was intuitively drawn/ painted and then edited to reveal aspects of the Spirit. Coming soon!

Coming Soon! Information on Apeoh sessions

Sessions & Readings

Ever since the Apeoh Spirits found me, they've been coming through for people, events - and places - sharing messages. Artistic readings and Intrinsic Expression sessions are profound experiences. On request only. Read more here.


"The Spirits arrived gently, whispering their story through lines and rich hues. They enveloped me in waves of goodness..." J. Amsterdam

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